Custom Design Services



Ready to build a custom design? Let’s go!

Your graphics are your customers’ first impression of your business.

Successful shops set themselves apart from the crowd with a distinct identity and personalized style. In our ever-changing online atmosphere (absent of a brick-and-mortar building with storefront windows and shiny showcases!), it’s important to use every virtual customization option available!

Creating a visual brand image for yourself is one of the smartest shop investments you can make – but it doesn’t have to break the bank!

For online display or for print, I am available for a wide range of design services.

As the design comes together, we’ll work back-and-forth through a series of previews and revisions until the final graphics are absolutely perfect for you.

I know you’ll be excited about your branding, so I strive to bring designs together in a very timely fashion. Once we start working together, you can help move the process along as quickly as possible by following these guidelines for our designing process:

  • Tell me, what purpose will your graphics serve, and where will you be placing them? Different websites and social networks require different sizing for pieces like banners or headers. Are your graphics specifically for an Etsy shop or a website? Will you be marketing on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

  • Tell me, what kind of printables will you need? Most all custom design sets include a business card and matching label design, but if you need any other printed materials for marketing or advertising, each piece will typically need to be created at specific dimensions. Let me know what type of printable you need (including relevant sizing details!), as well as your plans for printing it (i.e. Vistaprint, at home, etc.).

  • Tell me, what is your business about? Do you cater to any special age groups or niche markets? How would you describe your target audience (the folks that need your products)?

  • Describe for me: the type of products you offer, the overall theme of those products (what they have in common), and the materials you use to create them.

  • Make a list! If you have any ideas you’d like incorporated into your business graphics, jot them down! Create a list of colors, fonts, elements or styles you’d like to see incorporated into your designs. Please be as specific as possible.

  • Show me examples. If you’ve seen things online that you visually love and believe would be a good fit for your brand, don’t be afraid to share them with me. Copy and paste the URL links to whatever you’d like me to look at, and don’t forget to tell me exactly what it is you like about it. As you search for inspiration, please understand that I cannot use copyrighted elements in your design. That includes (but is not limited to) specific clip art, fonts, photos. etc. If you’ve found something you love, by all means please show it to me, but know that I will not be able to use it, nor copy it exactly. I can and will, however, use it to base design inspiration on!

A few more important things to understand and consider…

I am glad to work with client-owned artwork and photographs, but I will not accept logos, designs, or photographs created by a third-party designer or photographer. In many cases, these images and elements are subject to copyright or intellectual property laws. Any artwork or photographs supplied by you, the client, must be free and clear of third-party copyrights and will be used at your discretion and responsibility, with your permission.

For the majority of my custom work, I require no purchase nor deposit up front. Instead, I prefer to work a design back and forth with you until I have your final approval. You are entitled to as many revisions as necessary, at no extra incurring cost. Upon final approval, I will set up a “reserved” listing for you, and your files will be available through Etsy’s Instant Download system immediately after purchase.

Please note that once I start a custom design order, I reserve all rights to the design prior to payment. That means if we start a design and you back out of it, I reserve the right to re-use whatever work has been done in any form (including future designs and projects) at any time.

Once a custom design is done and paid for, the design is exclusive to you. It will never be re-used or re-sold.

And lastly, don’t forget…

If you have questions or ideas at any time during our project together, just let me know! I can type faster than I can talk, so answering and communicating with you is a pleasure. I’m always happy to explain and demonstrate about anything you may want to know. My clients come first, and your satisfaction is my priority.