Etsy Shop Layout Changes


Today, March 15th, Etsy has announced a major shop layout change that will be going live on April 5th. These changes will affect ALL Etsy shop owners, so please make sure to take note and get prepared!

The layout changes will affect your graphics. I will be working non-stop to make sure I’m prepared to offer my pre-made Etsy shop graphics sets at the new sizing standards. I know you’ll have questions about the changes and how it will affect your business, and the best answers can be found in three places:

  • This article in the Etsy Seller’s Handbook details the layout changes in detail.
  • This article shows live examples of the new layout with some in-depth advice.
  • This discussion on the Etsy forums allows you to interact and ask questions to fellow Etsyians and admin.

Rest assured, I will be offering ways to get yourself covered before the changes go live on April 5th. Now let’s break this down and make sense of things!



First of all, don’t panic! Your current graphics WILL work for these changes.

Etsy is offering two choices for banners with the updated layout. You may choose to use a SMALL BANNER or a COVER PHOTO.

Small Banner Versus Cover Photo

SMALL BANNER allows you to keep using your existing shop banner(s). Note that these banners will not appear on mobile devices (which is nothing new). The banner will be centered at the top of your shop, and does not span the entire page. See yellow box in left example above.

COVER PHOTO will require a new image to be created at the new sizing specs* and this banner is intended to be on-trend with “responsive” layouts, meaning that it will stretch and shrink as needed for best viewing across ALL types of devices. Banner spans the entire page. See yellow box in right example above.

*Minimum size required for Cover Photo is 1200 x 300 pixels; however, Etsy calls 3360 pixels x 840 pixels the “ideal size.” With all designs forward, I will be using 1200 x 300 pixels as my standard for Cover Photo graphics.

So, while these changes sound pretty straight-forward so far, there are a few hitches and hurdles on my end that may affect clients who want to upgrade their Small Banner to a Cover Photo.

Cover Photo UpdateAs plainly as I can explain it, some of my designs use imagery than can easily be enlarged, and some use imagery that cannot be enlarged at all. Some designs may be simple to update, and some may require a total re-build from the ground up.

I’m offering my clients a single flat-cost way to upgrade from Small Banner to Cover Photo via this listing: Cover Photo Update.

This listing includes taking your current Etsy shop banner design and enlarging it to the new 1200 x 300 pixels Cover Photo standard for your “regular” banner with tagline, as well as your “sale” and “vacation” taglines, too. That’s 3 new files in total, all meant to replace the 3 Small Banner files you’ve been using all along.


Starting today, March 15th, I’m extending this transition offer for ALL of my pre-made Etsy shop graphics sets:

If you would prefer your set to include Cover Photos (1200 x 300 pixels) instead of the “old” style banners (760 x 100 pixels), simply let me know your intentions before you order, OR include a little note along with your personalizing text details in the “Note To Seller” field during Checkout. There will be no extra cost for this.

(Just keep in mind that the Cover Photos will not appear in your shop until the layout change goes live on April 5th!)

By April 5th, I will have all of my pre-made designs updated to automatically include Cover Photos instead of “old” small banners.


During this transition period, I will NOT be accepting any custom design work. I’m so sorry about that, but I just won’t have time! Custom design work will be available again later in the spring.

I will continue to add more information to this post as it becomes available. Please feel free to contact me directly through Etsy Conversations if you have specific questions that have not been answered. Thanks!


Cyan Sky Design on Etsy


Introducing… Printables on Zazzle!

Etsy will always be my home base, but I’ve recently stepped into opening a print-on-demand shop on Zazzle. (I have to say, I’ve been happily surprised to find a kind, welcoming community much like the one I adore on Etsy!)

The purpose of my Zazzle shop is to supplement printing services for my designs. I know not everyone has the capability (or the want) to print business cards and labels at home, and not everyone knows their way around Vistaprint.

Matching printables are a MUST for cohesive business branding, so I’m just thrilled to get my designs online. I’ve been working quite diligently through the Labor Day weekend (between a mad rush of custom projects – thank you very much!) to create coordinating pieces in the style of my existing Etsy shop graphics sets.

So far, this includes printed sticker labels in “Handmade With Love” titling, as well as blank designs that can be customized with text by the client. Designs are available in a range of shapes and sizes, and there will be plenty more as I get rolling!

For example, here’s a peek at a popular shop theme, Simply Elegant:

The stand-alone business card is available with the ability to customize your own text. (And all business cards are printed, by default, double-sided. The cost for a pack of 100 is only $23.95!)

Below the card, you see the first few matching label designs that are now online. Circle, square, return-address-size… these are all fantastic coordinated packaging ideas. Just click the “Customize It” to add your own text or business logo on top!

I hope that by expanding my range of design pieces, my clients have more options for building their business branding. A label on every package and a sticker on every product!

I’m aiming to have all matching printables posted by the end of this week. In the mean time, as always, custom design requests are welcomed!